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“What do you do?”

I detest that question because one’s occupation should not define them, nor should that be the way we categorize people. But since we all do it, here’s my answer:

I’m a geek. I’m a maker. I’m an entrepreneur.

I’ve worked at Verizon since 2001. I started working in a production operations datacenter supporting enterprise infrastructure & hardware, and midrange application systems. In 2006, I began supporting a wholesale invoicing application that generated roughly $2 billion in annual revenue for Verizon. In 2011, I began working in a production control group supporting enterprise scheduling and automation software for open systems inside Verizon IT cloud services. In 2014, I supported many legacy wholesale billing applications for Verizon Enterprise. In 2018, I began working in mission critical production application support team in a lead role, ensuring availability for Verizon’s key wholesale systems. In 2022, I began working in a systems support and development role in cost assurance, building and supporting automations, applications, system infrastructure, and delivering key financial related reporting applications.


I’ve listed some of the businesses that I currently operate, did operate, or am a partner in below. I am entrepreneurial and find myself generating a lot of ideas for businesses. But ideas are worthless; execution is all that matters for a start-up. Some of my ideas are (or were) worthwhile businesses, most of them were not. I’m not afraid to fail.

ValueMyStock was a web tool for calculating the value of publicly-traded stocks. Knowing the true value, or what value investors call “intrinsic value”, of a stock is essential for a successful investing strategy. I handled the web technology for the start-up, which was a free service for investors, with a premium subscription model.

QuickSharp was a website design and development company I started in 2001. I primarily worked with small businesses and non-profit organizations who need a web presence on a budget. I managed the business sales, accounts, and most of the web development work as well.

WildSuds was a small company in I started with a business partner in 2010. We made and sold USDA certified organic based soaps utilizing the best organic essential oils on the market.

Red Earth Leather was a small manufacturer of leather goods for distinguished tastes. We designed and manufactured durable and environmentally conscious leather bags, briefcases in the heart of Oklahoma. We closed the business in 2011.

Manus Investments is a rental property acquisition and management company operating in Tulsa, OK. I have managed this company with two other business partners since 2004.

Oklahoma Black Belt Academy was a Seido Kai Karate school my brother Jeremy and I started. The school was open from September 2001 until 2006 near 55th & Mingo in Tulsa. Hobbies are not necessarily the best businesses.